“A lightweight, high-performance internet relay chat daemon.”

Downloads ::

Latest STABLE release of ircd-hybrid:

Latest STABLE release of HOPM (hybrid open proxy monitor):

SVN ::

We offer three methods for accessing the IRCD-Hybrid SVN repository: snapshot tarballs, ViewVC, and AnonSVN. The snapshots are generated hourly, and include ChangeLogs. ViewVC & AnonSVN are updated every 2 minutes. Use SVN versions at your own risk! SVN versions are under active development and usually are not ready for release — they may not even compile at any given moment. You have been warned!

» IRCD-Hybrid SVN Snapshots
» ViewVC interface
» Anonymous SVN

AnonSVN instructions:

For latest cutting-edge:
  svn co svn://

For 8.2.x:
  svn co svn://

Remember, these SVN versions are not suitable for production servers!

GIT ::

We also have a mirror on GitHub which you can use to fork and submit pull requests for review. Be aware that this is only a copy of the working respositories which are not maintained on GitHub.

» IRCD-Hybrid on GitHub